I was standing knee-deep in the Iao river, held firmly in the Valley by towering volcanic peaks- with my toes steady, strong over slipping rocks and sunlight peaking through rainclouds, refracting off of the bending water. My head and hair fell back gently, my fingertips danced lightly over the water, my lips hinted a gentle smile. The air was a perfect warm.

There were birdsongs and breezes in the trees, riverwater rushing magnetically, and a friend giggling in the water nearby as she slipped playfully into a waterfall (giggle, crash, splash, giggle)–just.these.sounds.

And in one of those moments of clarity, so rare and profound, I listened, and listened, and heard:

“The only thing holding you back from being the happiest you have ever been in your life

is your unwillingness to accept this gift…

of lightness”


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