Sister Letter: When I was 10.

Baby bounce belly blanket slap palms, down, giggle, uproariously. Tiny shoulder jump, fall, securely. My palms, they envelope you. My fingers, they catch you. In the nook of my elbows, love, you rest. All giggles, and coos and gurgles. Your neck, so tiny, I cradle. You are safe, my love, secure. From a battle of […]

Dear Dad.

It absolutely has to change, it cannot stay the same. This dark silence our family has built over three decades of shame and secrets is suffocating all of us – too many years of sacrificing real conversations in order to avoid the truth of addiction. It needs to be blown apart, we need to let the […]


I was standing knee-deep in the Iao river, held firmly in the Valley by towering volcanic peaks- with my toes steady, strong over slipping rocks and sunlight peaking through rainclouds, refracting off of the bending water. My head and hair fell back gently, my fingertips danced lightly over the water, my lips hinted a gentle […]

bei einem Besuch in meinem Haus

Es in diesem Zimmer war, ich habe dich über meine Liebe gesagt. Es in diesem Zimmer war, du hast das gleiche gesagt. Und jetzt, unsere Geister sind in den Ecken und den Decken herumhingen, Tanzen, Sie gurren über dem Hoffnung, über dem leichtigkeit Flüstern. Aber ich bin allein zu horen sie. Und das ist ok. […]

what can you do?

I pedal until the pain stops. Then I pedal until I feel my breath burn in my chest and I remember myself. Then I pedal until all the things I love, all the healing things and all the motivations, come back to my mind, And then I pedal until the crunch of the wheels on […]